Database Migration Announcement

Please update your app to version 1.9 (or later) AND create a new account to migrate your subscription data, no later than end of August 2022.
This announcement only applies to existing users who have purchased the subscription in the past.

What has changed?

Beginning July 1st 2022, we have migrated the database to Google Firebase for enhanced performance and security. Our existing database will be phased out by the end of August 2022. We have a system in place to minimize the friction for our users and transfer your subscription data to the new servers with minimal efforts.

What this means for you - how to migrate your existing subscription automatically?

  • Please update the OTR app to version 1.9 from the Appstore or Playstore (please DON’T delete your existing app version)
  • Once you open this new app version(1.9) for the first time, we have a system in place that detects your existing subscription and you will get the alert that the system has detected your subscription (screenshot below) Press “OK” on the alert.
  • To save this subscription information, you need to Sign-up for a new account. Please use “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Apple” to create a new account with just one click and without the hassle to remember the username and password. However, if you want to create the account manually using email and password, follow the instructions here
  • That's it - your new account is created, subscriptions information transferred and now you can listen to the shows as usual

What if my subscription is not migrated automatically?

If you have updated the app from version 1.8 to 1.9 without deleting the app, our automated system should work to migrate your existing subscription data to this new account. However, if for some reason, this doesn't work, please go to the "Settings" tab(first from right) in the app version 1.9 and press "Restore Purchase" option.
This will open the login page for old database, you can use your previous username/email and password to login and save the subscription information to your new account. If you have forgot the password for your old account, please click the "Forgot password" link on this page and we will send you the password reset email. Please not that this option to restore purchase is only available by the end of August 2022

What if something is still not right?

Please go to the "Settings" tab(first from right) in the app and then press the "Support" link and email us with your issue in detail. If this is about subscription, please mention the email address that being used to purchase the subscription in the past.
Please note that the "Liked Shows" and "Liked Episodes" from old database will not be migrated to the new servers. But you can still add any show and episode to these list(Liked Shows and Liked Episodes) in the new database.