How to auto-log episodes?

The auto-logging of episodes is a seamless and automatic feature designed to enhance your listening experience. Here's how it works:

  • Automatic Logging: The moment you tap on an episode to listen, consider it logged. A headphone icon gracefully appears next to the episode title, marking it as listened. Enjoy the convenience of an effortlessly curated listening log.

  • Managing Your Listening Log: Should you ever wish to tailor your listening log, head over to Library > My Listening Log. Here, take control of your log's content by swiping left on any episode you want to remove. A simple gesture, and the episode is swiftly deleted from your log.

With auto-logging, relish the simplicity of a log that mirrors your listening journey, effortlessly documenting each episode you enjoy. If ever the need arises for customization, your Library is the gateway to fine-tuning your listening log to match your preferences.

All listening logs are saved locally on your device. If you choose to delete the app, the listening log data, along with downloaded episodes and the Recently Played log list, will be deleted. Therefore, please refrain from deleting the app data in the app settings of your device or uninstalling the app from your device.

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