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Embark on Your Episode Odyssey: The Episodes Listing Page

Once you've chosen your show and, ideally, the season, you'll find yourself on the Episodes Listing Page—a curated playlist of audio gems awaiting your discovery. Here's your guide to navigating this auditory adventure:

Download and Listen Icons: For each episode, two icons stand ready to guide you: the download icon and the headphone icon. A download icon indicates the episode is already available in your Library under 'My Downloads.' Meanwhile, the headphone icon signals that you've already enjoyed this particular episode.

Seamless Listening Experience: Tap any episode title that piques your interest, and voila! You'll be seamlessly transported to the 'Currently Playing' tab, where your chosen playlist and episode takes center stage.


Question 1: How to download an episode?

  • Swipe left on the episode title you wish to download.

  • Tap the 'Download' text, initiating the download process.

  • A progress alert dialog keeps you in the loop. Feel free to pop it away; the download continues in the background.

  • Upon completion, a notification bar on the bottom confirms the download. Our high-speed CDN network ensures even the lengthiest episodes download within seconds.

Question 2: Where can I find recently downloaded episodes?

  • Head over to the Library tab.

  • Tap on 'My Downloads,' and there you'll find your recently downloaded episodes, ready to be enjoyed at your leisure.

The Episodes Listing Page is your gateway to a world of audio stories. Whether you're downloading for offline enjoyment or diving straight into a listening session, every tap brings you closer to the heart of your chosen narrative.

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