Immerse Yourself: The Currently Playing Tab

The Currently Playing tab, your auditory command center, is where the current playlist takes center stage. This dynamic space offers a holistic view of your ongoing audio journey, ensuring you remain in control of your listening experience.

Playlist Overview: At the top of the page, get a quick snapshot of your current show - its title, the ongoing season, and the total number of episodes in the series.

Visual Experience: In the second section, feast your eyes on the image art of the current show or playlist. Dive deeper with details like the title of the currently playing episode, a time seeker that reveals the total duration of each episode, and your current playback position. Below, control your listening experience with playback buttons—play/pause, skip forward or backward, and seek by 10 seconds.

Playlist Navigation: Explore all the episodes in your current playlist effortlessly. The title of the currently played episode is marked in distinctive blue for easy identification. Keep an eye out for the headphone icon, indicating episodes you've already savored.

The Currently Playing tab is your cockpit for a personalized audio adventure. Tailor your experience, explore your playlist, and enjoy the immersive journey.


🙋 Question 1. How to set the sleep timer?

  • Located at the top right corner, tap the timer icon.

  • Choose the desired number of episodes after which you want playback to gracefully conclude.

🙋Question 2. How to seek the time in the episode?

  • Effortlessly navigate by dragging the progress controller to any desired part of the episode.

🙋Question 3: The episode that I selected is not playing?

  • Ensure a robust internet connection (unless playing from My Downloads).

  • Try force closing and reopening the app to resolve temporary issues.

  • If the problem persists, report to us from the Settings > Contact us section. Please provide details like the show title, season number, and episode title for a prompt resolution.

🙋Question 4: How to control playback from outside the app?

Lock Screen Control (iOS and Android): Your shows, your rules. Whether you're on iOS or Android, seize control directly from your device's lock screen. Play, pause, and navigate through episodes with ease, ensuring your listening experience stays seamless even when your phone is secured.

Headphone Integration: Your headphones, your remote. If your headphones are synced with your phone, enjoy the simplicity of using the play/pause feature. Conveniently manage your playback without reaching for your device.

Smartwatch Integration (e.g., Apple Watch): Elevate your control game. If you're the proud owner of a smartwatch, such as an Apple Watch, take command of your currently playing episode right from your wrist. Effortlessly manage playback without ever reaching for your phone.

Take charge of your listening experience beyond the app—whether your phone is locked, your headphones are on, or you're sporting a sleek smartwatch, we've got your playback control needs covered.

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