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Unlock Premium Access: Subscription Plans Guide

Free Trial:

Experience the full spectrum of our app with a complimentary 3-day free trial when you create a new account. No content is hidden during this period, providing you with an authentic glimpse of our app's features. If you choose not to subscribe after the trial ends, no action is required from your end—we won't charge you automatically.

Subscription Plans:

Supporting the Future: We understand the hesitation to pay for apps, but creating and maintaining this app involves significant time, effort, and costs. Version 2.0 alone required 400+ development hours, and our high-speed CDN network charges for all streamed and downloaded episodes. Continuous updates to align with the latest platform needs further contribute to our expenses. To keep it viable for both parties, we offer subscription plans at great value. For example, our yearly plan costs just 99 cents a month for unlimited entertainment. Your support directly contributes to the future of old-time radio shows, ensuring we can continue delivering an exceptional listening experience.

Upon completion of your 3-day trial, choose from three subscription options tailored to suit your preferences:

  • One Month Subscription:

    • Cost: USD 2.99 per month.

  • Three Months Subscription:

    • Cost: USD 5.99 (approx. USD 1.99 per month).

  • One Year Subscription:

    • Cost: USD 11.99 (approx. USD 0.99 per month - the most cost-effective choice).

Note: All subscriptions are non-auto-renewable, ensuring you have full control over your subscription status. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional value, delivering quality content, reliable service, and ongoing development support.

Renewing Your Subscription:

When your current subscription expires, head to the “Settings” tab and tap on the row "Buy or Extend Subscription." Choose your desired plan, complete the payment through Apple or Android (depending on your platform), and watch as the subscription days seamlessly integrate into your account.

Note: Your existing subscription must fully expire before purchasing a new one. Our system is designed to notify you when your current subscription expires, eliminating the need to check in the “Settings” tab for expiration details. Enjoy uninterrupted access to premium content with a hassle-free subscription renewal process.

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