Dive into Your Personalized Oasis: The Library Tab

The Library tab, your second stop in the app, is where your personalized haven resides. Here, we've crafted distinct sections to cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.

1. My Shows:

In the My Shows section, you'll find a collection of all the shows you've liked from the show listing page. You can use search bar to find the show that you are looking for or use the sorting button to sort the shows by your liking

🙋 Question: How to remove a show from your likes?

Tap the heart button next to the show's row, and watch it disappear from your liked show list.

2. My Downloads:

Your offline entertainment hub, My Downloads, houses all your downloaded episodes, neatly sorted by date with the newest on top. Running out of space or simply done with an episode? Clearing space is a breeze.

🙋Question: How to remove an episode from My Downloads?

Swipe left on the episode row you wish to bid farewell to, and tap 'Delete'—creating room for more downloads.

3. My Listening Log:

Your auditory journey documented. My Listening Log keeps track of all the episodes you've already enjoyed, sorted by date with the latest at the forefront. Finished with an episode? Let's tidy up your log.

🙋Question: How to remove an episode from My Listening Log?

Swipe left on the episode row you want to part ways with, and choose 'Delete from Log'—keeping your log as pristine as your listening experience.

4. Recently Played:

Your latest playlists in one convenient spot. Recently Played showcases the titles, seasons, and dates of your most recent playlists. Want to curate your recently played list further?

🙋Question: How to remove an episode from Recently Played?

Swipe left on the show row you wish to bid adieu, and select 'Delete from Log'—customizing your Recently Played section to your heart's content.

Your Library is more than just storage; it's a dynamic space that evolves with your preferences. Personalize, organize, and relish your curated collection on the Library tab.

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