How to Sign up
Please note that accounts created with our old apps can not be used in this new app (because this app uses new database) Therefore, you need to create a new account to access the shows in this app. Please, tap on 'Sign-up' text in the app and enter the required information to make an account.
To create new account, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Tap on Sign up
Step 2: Enter all the required fields. Please note that photo is optional.
Please make sure to provide us the valid email address to create the account. This will make sure that you can recover the password, in case you lost it.
Sign up page
Step 3: Tap on "Continue" Button
Step 4: Tap on "accept" button to agree with EULA.
Accept the EULA to create account
You have created an account and now logged in the app.
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